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10 Betting Rules For Punters

Where and how long do you need to study to make successful bets?

Unfortunately, there are no educational institutions that teach the basics of the bookmaker game. However, every newbie has terabytes of information on the Internet at his disposal. First, you will read everything successively, then you will learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff.

And yes, you have to learn constantly. Bookmakers are developing all the time, and bettors who do not keep up with them go into the red.

5 "do not"s for a newbie punter 

Let's take a look at common mistakes avoiding which will help you save money in the first steps. By sticking to simple rules, you will noticeably increase your chances of success:

  1. Do not bet on everything in a row;
  2. do not try to immediately recoup after a loss;
  3. do not bet all your money at a heat;
  4. do not bet in illegal bookies;
  5. do not create more than a 3-fold combination bet.

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And never place your bets out of personal affections to any teams and athletes. This is the main mistake, that helps bookmakers earn money. No matter how you like a player or a team, don't let yourself be guided by subjective factors.

5 tips to a long-run success

The following tips will be especially helpful for novice bettors:

  1. Learn technical terminology. 

First of all, you need to get acquainted with the terminology, understand the rules and basics. You need to know what the handicap is, the total, how the single bet differs from the “parlay”, or the permutations. Knowing the basics can help you avoid many common mistakes. 

  1. Register 3-4 accounts with different legal bookmakers. 

This will allow you to always choose the highest coefficients. In addition, bonus hunting also has a positive effect on betting income. 

  1. Pay attention to the odds. 

The lower the multiplier, the more likely the outcome. Beginners are advised to place bets on events with low odds. The profit will be small, but more likely than if you bet on a large odds. Experienced handicappers compare the odds of several bookmakers, choose the best option, and place a bet.

  1. Competent bankroll management.

Each bet should account for from two to five percent of your deposit on the account. By taking this as a rule you will avoid unnecessary expenses, not give in to emotions and not lose everything on bad beats. Most of the newbie bettors do not track the history of their bets. The lack of clear accounting does not allow calculating the effectiveness of the strategy, separate good predictions from bad ones.

  1. Spend enough time reviewing matches. 

Careful analysis will allow you not to lose, at least not all at once. If you learn to predict correctly, you can earn a stable income. 

Conditions affecting the outcome:

  • Team lineup (in group sports);
  • injured and disqualified players;
  • location of the event (home/away);
  • head2head statistics of the struggle between the teams or athletes.

The ability to make a competent analysis is one of the main foundations of a successful bettor in the world of sports betting, helping to make a settled bet and increase your budget.


It is not a problem to win one bet, even to give out a successful streak or even staying in the black for a month is within the capacity of majority, but at a long distance, barely a few can show the result. Only those who combine: knowledge of sports, analytical skills, iron discipline, control of emotions, and a competent strategy for sports betting.

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