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5 statistical facts ahead of the upcoming MLS tour

In soccer, the main task of teams is quite logical — to send the ball into the opponent's goal, and not piddle with it in the center of the field. In MLS this rule is completely realized. No one will look for gaps in the defense and measure the technical characteristics of the players. The main reason for the interest in MLS among adequate bettors is some trends and patterns that distinguish this tournament. 

5 interesting MLS facts for bettors:

It's no secret that MLS is a league of home teams. If you pay attention to the standings, then the successes of several clubs are immediately evident:

Columbus Crew — 9 games, 8 wins, 1 loss.

Orlando City — 8 games, 5 wins, 0 losses.

Philadelphia Union — 8 matches, 7 wins, 0 losses.

Closer to the playoffs, the price of each point scored increases, which has a good effect on entertainment and intrigue and naturally arouses public interest. It often happened that the future champion had difficulty making his way to the final stage of the season.

Traditionally, it is believed that in America soccer is over-productive, and the teams are not very successful in defensive and tactical tricks. Weak defense leads to other statistical collisions: in matches, there are often send-offs, and the referees do not hesitate to give penalties.

In MLS, Live betting on comebacks is a good option — for example, the favorite often concedes 1-2 goals, and then heroically fights for a comeback and saves the match closer to the final whistle. 

In addition to betting on totals over/under in the MLS, it is reasonable to pay attention to such a combined outcome as “both will score + total over 2.5”. 

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