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Anti-Martingale betting strategy

While Martingale is a well-known and used betting strategy which has many fans nowadays, there are some people who don't believe in the chances of success when using this strategy - therefore they used the rules in the opposite direction and created a strategy which has a simple and clear name: Anti-Martingale.

First of all, let's remember that the basic idea of using the Martingale betting strategy is to double the stake each time you lose a bet and bet the start-up stake each time you win a bet. The point of doing this is that by doubling the stake after a lost bet, you can recover the lost stake and also make a profit.

Example of Martingale: betting on odds of 2.00 with a $10 start-up stake.

1. First bet = $10 stake. Lost.
2. Second bet = $20 stake. Lost.
3. Third bet = $40 stake. Lost.
At this point, you lost $10 + $20 + $40 = $70 after 3 consecutive lost bets.
4. Fourth bet = $80 stake. Won.

By winning the fourth bet, you make $80, therefore you manage to recover the previous lost stakes ($70) and also have a small profit ($10).

What is Anti-Martingale betting strategy?

Now, the Anti-Martingale doesn't focus on recovering the lost stakes, but instead on increasing the profit when there's a winning streak and reducing the losses when there's a losing streak. More exactly, in Anti-Martingale the bettor must increase the stake after a win and go to the original stake in case of a loss.

Example of Anti-martingale: betting on odds of 2.00 with a $10 start-up stake.

1. First bet = $10 stake. Lost.
2. Second bet = $10 stake. Lost.
3. Third bet = $10 stake. Lost.
4. Fourth bet = $10 stake. Won.

We've followed the exact example from Martingale, 3 consecutive lost bets, then a win. As you can see, after 3 lost bets the total loss is only $30 (instead of $70 like it was in Martingale). Unfortunately, the fourth bet doesn't help us too much even if it's a winner - in this case we just manage to reduce our losses, while in Martingale we even managed to have a little profit.

In the end, using Anti-Martingale has its flaws but also a couple of advantages when comparing it with Martingale. The main advantage of Anti-Martingale is that it has lower risks and it can bring pretty good profits in a winning streak. On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage is that it's not so easy to recover the losses.

Both strategies are good, so the point is to choose the one depending on your betting style. If you have a huge bankroll - go for Martingale, but if you want to have a lower bankroll and you don't want to risk so much - go for Anti-Martingale.

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