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‘Felt like I had my mojo with me’: Nicolas Cage Recalls Turning $200 into $20,000 at Casino and Giving It All to Charity

One of the best things one could spend their huge winnings on.

Famous cinema star and Las Vegas resident Nicolas Cage has revealed an impressive story about his last betting experience.

Talking to Marilyn Manson, who he’s good friends with, Cage recalled increasing his initial roulette bet a hundredfold and not keeping a single penny.

“The last time I gambled was about 30 years ago. I was in the Bahamas, and I walked into a casino and felt like I had my mojo with me, like nothing could go wrong,” Nicolas told Manson for Interview magazine.

“My game was roulette. I went in with $200, and I didn’t miss a number, so much so that even the lady spinning the wheel said, ‘Nothing sweeter than a repeater.’

“In 20 minutes I turned $200 into $20,000, so I went and found an orphanage in the Bahamas, met all the kids and the headmistress, and said, ‘This is for you.’ I put the 20 grand in her hand, walked away, and never gambled again, because if I did, it would ruin the power of that moment,” the 56-year-old concluded.

Who knows, maybe Nicolas will refer to this fascinating story in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent movie where he’ll be playing a version of himself.

Anyway, if he’s not making this up, this is certainly a story deserving at least a short film.

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