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D'alembert betting strategy

What is D'alembert betting strategy?

Many of you probably know that d'Alembert was a well-known French mathematician, physicist and philosopher who had excellent results in mathematics - especially related to solving differential equations and partial derivatives. But few know that the work of this mathematician has inspired many bettors to create one of the most popular betting strategies.

The d'Alembert betting strategy is really simple and it's mainly used in casino games like roulette, blackjack or baccarat, but it was also adapted for sports betting.

By using this betting strategy, which is mainly based on the law of equilibrium, a bettor believes that the winning chances are higher after a lost bet and lower after a winning bet. Based on this idea, a bettor can increase the stake with one unit after a lost bet and decrease the stake with one unit after a winning bet.

Example: You have a $100 bankroll and you start with a $10 stake (1 unit = $10). The bets will be placed only on odds of 2.00.

1.            First bet: $10 bet placed. Result: lost.

o             Total bankroll: $90.

2.            Second bet: $20 bet placed. Result: lost.

o             Total bankroll: $70.

3.            Third bet: $30 bet placed. Result: win.

o             Total bankroll: $100.

4.            Forth bet: $20 bet placed. Result: win.

o             Total bankroll: $120.

5.            Fifth bet: $10 bet placed. Result win

o             Total bankroll: $130.

The d'Alembert betting strategy is not the safest betting strategy out there because if you're unlucky and you have a losing streak - you can easily lose most of your bankroll. But still, d'Alembert is safer than Martingale because in case of losing a bet you just increase the stake with one unit instead of doubling the stake.

How it will help you win?

In order to have bigger chances, you need to have a big starting bankroll and make sure that you set some reachable levels. In our example you can see that we started with a $10 stake from a total bankroll of $100 - this is the perfect example in which you can notice that you need only 4-5 consecutive losing bets in order to lose all of your bankroll, therefore a higher bankroll is needed in order to lower the risk.

In the end, d'Alembert is a simple and interesting betting strategy which can very easily increase your total profit if you have patience, correctly follow each of your steps in order to reach the target and most importantly: don't break the rules of the strategy (increase the stake after losing and decrease after winning).

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of course you need a big bankroll
I sometimes have a series of 5-6 losses
This is a tedious process, I can not)
Does anyone use strategies? Are you successful?)