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Double chance betting strategy

As the name might give it away with a double chance bet you can double your chances to win. You can find a description, an example and your winning chances in the text below.

What is double chance betting?

Simply put, in this betting strategy you can bet on two outcomes of a game. Needless to say, the only precondition is that the sport you are betting on has three different possible outcomes (e.g. Win, Draw, Loss). Compared to a common bet where you only bet on one of these three outcomes, in a double chance bet you bet on two and thus decrease your risk. On the downside of this, of course, the odds are lower than on common bets.

Examples for double chance bets

As an example we take a look at a football game. In football you can bet on the required three outcomes of a game. A team can win (1), lose (2) or draw (X) against its opponent. So, if you have the feeling that the underdog (Away-Team) is able to draw the favorite or even to beat him, you could place your bet on a Draw (X) or an Away-Team-Win (2). Let’s say Liverpool FC is up against Lester in the Premier League. At the book-makers the “Reds” are a runaway favorite, but you think that Lester could get at least one point out of the game? In this case you could place an X2-bet to increase your chances to win.

Generally speaking there are three different possibilities of a double chance bet:
Case 1: Win Team A + Draw – 1X
Case 2: Win Team B + Draw – 2X
Case 3: Win Team A + Win Team B – 12

Is it possible to make money with a double chance strategy?

All in all, yes you can. However, the odds are usually lower than on common sports bets. That is why you should use this betting concept for games with a risky outcome. At those games the odds are generally a little higher and despite the decrease due to the double chance still profitable. Because of the decreased risk that double chance bets go along with, they are also perfect for your accumulator bets to push up your odds. For example you can combine your double chance tips with some handicap betting.

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I often use this method to predict the visit team
CHAMPIONSHIPer, very successfully using
simple strategy but it is suitable for accumulator bets i think
simple and reliable strategy


Mr_Green48.4% WR-0.58% ROI
William Duncan36.8% WR-3.08% ROI