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New Jersey sets $748 million US betting record

Sports betting records are often set in New Jersey. September is no exception.

New Jersey residents won more than $748.5 million on wagers in September. This amount is a record for one state to win in the history of the United States. Almost all of this money, 90% of it, was earned through mobile applications. The previous month record was also set by the Garden State, when they won $667.9 million in August.

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It is just a unique time for sports betting now, as you can rarely see MBL, NBA, NHL, NFL, college football and U.S. Open during one month. But September gave sports fans such an opportunity.

New Jersey residents have already won more than $3.28 billion in 2020 on betting. The state received $223.1.

Several states legalized sports betting in May 2018. The first were Nevada and Delaware, followed by New Jersey. This state now holds two of the five monthly winning records in the United States. 

Here is the top 5 records list: 

  • New Jersey, $748.5 million
  • New Jersey, $667.9 million
  • Nevada, $614.1 million
  • Nevada, $596.7 million
  • Nevada, $581.0 million
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