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Is Sports Betting Legal in Wisconsin?

Sports betting is illegal in Wisconsin. This is something stated clearly in the state’s constitution, meaning starting a sportsbook in the Badger State would constitute breaking the law. The only form of sports betting allowed is pari-mutuel betting. Casino games 19 tribal casinos are also allowed.

That said, analysts suggest sports betting in Wisconsin is worth $300 million. So, where does this figure come from? You guessed it—unregulated betting markets. Continue reading to discover how the betting operators work and why they haven’t been shut down yet.

Based Out of State

Although Wisconsin has strict sports gambling laws, it provides a grey area for out of state operators. They can offer their services to punters from the Badger State. They just can't set up their offices locally.

As a result, bookmakers from as far as Curacao and Malta accept bets from adults throughout Tennessee. You can find more information on Wisconsin sports betting sites at  You’ll also receive a guide to the few things you can legally predict in the state.

But keep this in mind. If you want to bet sports safely and have a delightful time, choose the betting websites. Avoid poorly rated operators or sites that show the slightest signs of defrauding you.

For your guidance, here’s a list of the things you should check for a safe offshore Wisconsin online betting website.

  • A Trustworthy License

A gambling license shows that a sportsbook has been vetted and authorized to provide betting services. If the permit comes from a respected regulator—say the UK Gambling Commission or Malta Gaming Authority, you should be safe.

Many sportsbooks list their license provide at the bottom of their website. Find the license information. And if you’re doubtful if it’s real, copy the provided license number and verify it on the regulator’s website.

  • Safety and Security Measures

A license alone doesn’t protect you from online hackers or a rogue casino. You need a site that protects your personal and banking information. In contrast, it should offer fair games and honor its commitment to pay you when you win.

Many offshore operators meet the basic requirements for a safe online sportsbook. They use SSL encryption to protect your data while you bet. They also let you secure your account through a password and Two-FA Authentication.

If the sportsbook comes from Malta or the UK, you can also be confident it follows strict data protection laws and works with safe partners. With that in mind, look out for things like independent audits that prove the company operates fairly.

  • An Extensive List of Betting Markets

Let’s face it. The primary reason for joining an online betting site is to bet on sports. So, join a website that offers as many betting opportunities as possible. For starters, you want a site that lets you bet on major American sports: football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer.

What's more, you want a site that provides a range of bet types for every sport and league they support. For example, the best bookmakers let you bet on all these outcomes: money line, run line, totals, props, goal-goal, half-time full-time, and spreads.

If you're a new age punter, you probably want to attempt eSports, MMA, and other minor sports. Check around for a bookie that supports these games.

  • An easy to use Site or App

professionally designed website can make your betting experience delightful. A site with an unusable interface can frustrate and cause you to lose money. 

Think about it. A football game is just about to start. You view the line and decide to wager. But then again, your sports betting site fails to load. What would you do? You would forfeit the bet. That’s not something that should happen at a fantastic bookie platform.

A reliable bookmaker has a fast-loading, well-organized website. Finding games is a breeze, and betting is instantaneous. On the flip side, the deposit and withdrawal processes are effortless.

  • Competitive Odds

Ask any professional bettor how they remain profitable, and they will mention competitive high-value odds. They identify matches to predict and look for bookmakers offering the best odds. In turn, they can maximize profits from each bet.

Some sportsbooks have a robust reputation for offering competitive odds. These are the sites you want to join. With that in mind, identifying value-odds is a skill. A game’s odds might indicate you’ll have the potential to win plenty of cash. But it could be challenging to predict.

Professional bets maximize their profits by finding undervalued odds. In other words, they look for wagers to predict correctly and make decent cash while at it.

  • Bonuses and Free Bets

Bonuses are a breath of fresh air to sports bettors everywhere. It's the one gift bookmakers owe to their customers. Luckily, many offshore sports are generous with free bets for new customers.

You can qualify for a bonus even before you make your first deposit. That said, you get the best offers after you deposit $10 to $1000. The offer is often a 100% match on your amount. If you deposit $500, you receive an extra $500.

Unfortunately, free bets and bonuses come with strings attached. You have to do something to claim a reward. And you have to complete a specific requirement to withdraw money won through a bonus. So, read the terms and conditions that come with these offers beforehand.

  • Reputation

Reputation is critical in the online gaming world. It is what people use when in doubt of which sports betting site to join. So, how do you find reputable bookmakers? Read online reviews, lots of them.

Learn from the experts the best sportsbooks that accept players from Wisconsin. Read between the lines to discover why some companies are better rated than others. Then find reviews from people with first-hand experience on these sites.

With a reputable sportsbook, you can bet knowing your experience will be smooth and effortless. You can deposit, bet, and withdraw money fast and safely. And isn't that all punters want from a sportsbook?


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