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5 tips for successful Live betting

Live betting on sports events requires more discipline, time-consuming, and psychological stamina from the player, but in return, bettors get higher accuracy of predictions. It's believed that the main advantage of live bets is a great opportunity to place a bet based on the course of the game. No amount of prematch analysis will give that “that information for thought” that an experienced punter will receive by watching the match in Live.

It is much easier to beat a bookmaker in Live since it is more difficult to monitor the odds in dynamics and react in time to all changes in the game. 

When to bet? 

There are two key points in a football match that are important for live betting.

The first of them is the 30th minute of the first half of the meeting. By this time, you can catch the main tendencies of the game and make an appropriate bet. It is at this moment that it is recommended to bet on a total over (1.5) in the match in the absence of goals scored.

The second "control point" is the 70th minute. The denouement is approaching, and there is an opportunity, seeing the real nature of the game, to take advantage of the inaccuracies of bookmakers in setting handicaps and odds. Also, it is the 70th minute that is most suitable for bets on the fact that another goal will be scored in the match.

Better odds betting.

As a rule, bookmakers evaluate obvious outcomes with low quotes, so it is unjustified to bet on them. Only a newbie will make bets on a favorite with odds of -500 or even less. Experienced punters wait for the game to start and bet at better odds. When the favorite concedes the goal first, the coefficients for his victory increase. Now the same outcome is estimated with odds, not -500, as in prematch proposition bets, but -154. 

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Procrastination and haste.

One of the key factors in Live betting is time — here you have to act promptly. However, fast does not mean thoughtlessly. The first thing that can help you act faster is prematch analysis. Having the initial data, the punter can react much faster to what is happening in the match and make the correct bets. On the other hand, one of the mistakes is waiting on the falling line. If you decide to bet on the total under, then you need to act immediately. There is nothing to wait for, the odds will only go down further.

Betting on over/under of yellow cards. 

Before the start of the event, it is much more difficult to predict the number of yellow cards than during the match, when you see the referee's behavior, his style of work, and the spirit of the game. Yellow cards can begin to pour in from the first minutes in important or principled matches. Feel free in such cases to bet on total more and withdraw profits.

Watch the matches.

Live betting allows wagering while watching the match in real-time. Before the event, it is unknown what condition team leaders are in, the psychological attitude of the players, what is the tactic for the fight. All this is clarified during the match. A person who has watched thousands of matches in his life, intuitively feels how the game that he watches live will develop, and this significantly increases the chances of success.

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