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"I see nothing but goals in this football match - both teams turning up, having a go". Paul Merson's EPL predictions

Paul Merson is back with his weekly Premier League predictions, but who is he backing in the huge Arsenal-Manchester United clash on Super Sunday?

There are four other Premier League clashes for Merson to predict too, and you can see what he is expecting below...


Southampton vs Tottenham

Tottenham had a great result in midweek in the Champions League and I thought they were fortunate against Arsenal. Southampton are a funny team - they go to Old Trafford and should have got a point and did well. If Cardiff end up beating West Ham and go above Southampton, they've then got some hard games coming up. Cardiff need to go above Southampton to make them panic but if they are always in front of them, it is just another hard game gone by, but I think Southampton will stay up.

Paul's prediction: 1:3

Man City vs Watford

Watford are one of those teams, they disappointed at Liverpool and got ripped to shreds, before that they were on a roll and then they bounced back. But I can't see anything other than a Man City win. They just need to keep winning football matches now.

I watched them against Bournemouth and they played with 11 behind the ball and I don't know if that is the way to go because they're used to playing against that and probably train like that every week. In the end, they opened Bournemouth up so I expect them to win.

Watford have got a big FA Cup game next weekend so they may rest a few players for this game and take it on the chin which you couldn't moan about.

Paul's prediction: 3:0


Liverpool vs Burnley

Liverpool need to win this game and they need to score early because the longer the game goes on, the bigger the panic. Before they kick off, they could be four points behind Man City so they need to start well because the pressure is going to be majorly on now. If they draw this game, all of a sudden it could be three points and a bit of goal difference so it is a massive football match for Liverpool.

I've always said this league is going to be about who plays first and who plays second and you want to be playing first because it can take its toll.

I think Burnley will be alright in the Premier League, but they've got to be careful. They had a great result against Tottenham but got well beaten by Newcastle and Crystal Palace so they have to be careful but I would expect them to be alright.

Paul's prediction: 3:1

Chelsea vs Wolves

It'll be an interesting game. Chelsea will have played in the Europa League and compare that to Wolves, who will have had a week's break. Chelsea need to win this for the top four, but if you're not getting in there, you have to make sure you've got a nice buffer for the Europa League places and they need to keep in both at the moment.

Paul's prediction: 2:1

Arsenal vs Man Utd

Wow, this is a big game. Again, both teams will be wanting to get into the top four, but they will also want a buffer for the other European places. I see nothing but goals in this football match - both teams turning up, having a go. Arsenal look like they are playing with a real bit of confidence, they were unlucky against Tottenham and probably should have won the game.

And Man Utd - what a result against PSG. It was unreal - as simple as that. I thought they did well and there's a saying that if you can stay in the game, you never know what can happen. I thought the manager was fortunate because he got it horribly, horribly wrong in the first 20 minutes with Eric Bailly playing at right-back. They're very fortunate that they weren't out of the tie before he made the substitutions. It was a phenomenal football result and with the players they had, who all turned up - bar Bailly, who had an absolute shocker.

I can't say it will decide fourth place with Chelsea there. It's in Chelsea's hands really but I think whoever lost the game would be in trouble so it's a massive game. I think both teams will have a go at each other and there will be goals.

Paul's prediction: 2:2

Source: SkySports

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The main thing to Liverpool will win. This is my bet
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