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2 PROs and 2 CONs of looking at matchup stats in NBA H2H betting

Although matchup stats are always given by various statistical databases and betting websites, many bettors are in doubt whether they’re any useful.

Let’s analyse the positives and negatives of such stats.


  • Matchup stats often give us info on the teams’ form in home and away games – it may be very useful for you to know how the team fares after having few/many days off.
  • Certain teams can have a matchup edge over their opposition at certain games positions or phases – this info should definitely be tracked ahead of the match.


  • Such stats may be useless because of the personnel/player changes that could happen since the last head-to-head fixture was played.
  • Individual stats in previous games may poorly perform as well since this or that player might suffer a dip in form while the other, who looked terrible in the last H2H outing, could have his best game ever.

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