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What pitching strategy should you look for when betting Major League Baseball?

Now baseball betting has changed a lot and has become more complicated, but there are still some effective strategies. First of all, you need to look at the starting lineup to decide on a pitcher. Once you’ve made a choice, you should find out more information about his statistics, such as the average number of winnings or the number of pitches he threw in the previous match. It will be a useful hint, because, for example, if he threw more than 100 pitches, then this time this indicator might be lower than average. The best situation for you will be if your starter pitcher goes far into the game because he is a key player.

It is also important to learn more about the effectiveness of relievers. Relievers actively involved in previous matches can be exhausted and ineffective, and that’s a crucial factor for your wager. Another essential indicator is the ERA, which you can find on, the best website with statistics.

This strategy doesn’t always work, because no one knows which relievers the coach will use in the match. It all depends on his decision, but studying statistics will definitely help you bet successfully.

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How Weather Affects Betting on the NFL Games?

What factor is no less important than the lineup of a team? The weather! It became such an important "player" that some matches went down in NFL history due to the weather conditions, for example, “The Fog Bowl”.

Don’t know where to check the weather forecast before making a wager? Here is a list of useful websites:

How to bet on NFL games when it is too cold or too warm?

Weather can influence matches every week, so it’s bettors need to check the forecast before betting.

Of course, you will rarely see such games as “The Ice Bowl” with low temperatures when the Dallas Cowboys were defeated by Green Bay Packers Cowboys, but there still are cold cities like Green Bay, Chicago, or Buffalo, so if you’re going to bet on the home games of their teams, you should analyze the weather thoroughly.

You should also pay attention to the fact that warm weather teams are likely to lose if they are playing on a cold-weather site. The same thing may happen when the cold weather teams play in the cities where the temperatures are high. So when you are making a bet, the factors of the home team and the weather are interrelated.

How to bet on the NFL games when it is raining or snowing?

And what about extreme weather conditions like raining or snowing? They always make it more complicated to bet but it’s so interesting. Remember the legendary “The Snow Bowl” when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Detroit Lions 34-20 on a field full of snow. They just managed to accommodate themselves to such unusual conditions better.

There are also various misconceptions about rain or snow during the NFL games. For example, some people believe that it is much more difficult to score in such matches, but that’s a myth. The truth is that extreme weather conditions lead to turnovers but this doesn’t mean the score will be low, as there will be more touchdowns.  

Another widespread myth is that defense players benefit from bad weather. Why is it not true? The field is really slippery for all the players. While receivers and quarterbacks know where to run or throw the ball, the defensive players aren’t ready and it’s easier for them to slip on the wet field. That’s how touchdowns happen.

So the best advice would be to check the weather forecast and analyze whether the away-team is adapted to such conditions before making a wager. 

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