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Punter wins £2,500 for betting on Theresa May becoming Man Utd director of football

One lucky punter has won £2,500 after placing a bet on Theresa May becoming Manchester United's next director of football.

The gambler placed a £5 bet on the 62-year-old moving up north and linking up with the Red Devils, after Paddy Power listed her as a potential candidate for the job.

The bookmakers priced her at 501.00, and one chap jumped on the offer - clearly having some inside information that May could soon be working with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Staggered that anyone would place such a bet, Paddy Power took to Twitter to announce they paid the person off for having the audacity to back May.

They tweeted: "We've just had someone put a fiver on this, so f*** it, we're paying him out.

"A handy £2,500 for him, enjoy!"

She will remain in office for the next two weeks before stepping down as party leader, though she still plans to stay on as MP for Maidenhead.

Source: Sun

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