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Looking for great odds to bet? Top-4 tipsters who will help you to multiply your bank

Everyday, thousands of tipsters publish their predictions at Betting Insider. But how to find an expert whom you can trust and see the logic behind his thoughts and betting tips?

Betting Insider begins a series of posts, in which we will tell you about the best tipsters, who publish not only the ideas of the bets, but also write a logical description of their tips.


This user writes some of his tips in French, but also he writes in English. He's always provides a detailed description of his tips which is important for every bettor.

He's made 145 bets, win rate – 60%, average odds – 1.90. Recently he's made a great bet on Serie A and has won with decent odd – 1.56.

Burundi Sports

Another expert on League 1, let's notice that he has a great description in his profile which is fit in theme of betting just fine: «Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity».

Well, this guy is certainly prepares before he makes a bet. Just look at his incredible stats: 10.86% ROI all-time, average odds – 2.39. Well done, tipster!

He's doing well at that very moment: has won 6 bets in a row. Arsenal is on fire right now and so does this tipster, he's made a great bet on gunners in their recent match against Bournemouth with such a big odd – 2.19.


Just Bets and just the best tipster of November. As simple as that. 88 bets, average odds – 3.66. This guy is certainly not looking for an easy way in betting. For example he wasn't scared by the awful form of Monaco and made a bet on Falcao's team with a great odd – 2.55.

Just do it

This tipster is obviously using a motto of Nike as his nickname and he's great at betting. He has made 85 bets, average odds – 2.28. He's doing well just now – has won 5 bets in a row, picking great odds in a process. Especially, we'd like to draw your attention to his recent bet – Levante win against Athletic with such a big odd – 2.79.

Make sure you follow this tipsters if you're looking for big odds and great tips with detailed descriptions. 

And which tipsters do you follow? Let us know in the comments below!

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often see the predictions of these guys. Good job
and where am I?)
Iam-Dushime a cool guy) I often use his tips on League 1
all known faces. Fair top list
better take their predictions and not try to seem like a cool tipster, hahaha
I will never be here..... need to change tactics
I need ticket
almost always watching these guys. Like Iam-Dushime's predictions for Ligue 1