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What influence has the weather on NFL matches results

When analyzing a sports event, a bettor looks at the rating of teams, their game form, statistics of home/away games, statistics of individual team players, but only a few take into account the factor of weather conditions. But in many games, it is the weather that has a great influence on the result. No prematch analysis will be utter if weather conditions during the game were not taken into account.

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Where to check the weather

You just need to know the place and time of the game to check out the weather forecast but remember that nothing is less constant than announcements of weather forecasters. They often make mistakes in their forecasts, especially long-term ones. The closer the event, the more likely the forecast will be accurate. Therefore, you need to check it more than once. In case the weather forecast changes, the bets should also be adjusted.

Here are the most accurate forecast websites:


The rain

A fairly standard situation when a football match is taking place during the rain. However, the rain makes big adjustments to the game — it increases the slip, changes the trajectory of the ball.

During heavy rains, the surface of the field does not provide the necessary grip, and the teams play more fiercely. Taking into account that the heavy rain increases contact, and with it, the number of violations and slows down the efficiency of the game, it would be logical to bet on the total over of faults.

Also, in case of heavy rain, bets with a handicap on outsiders will be profitable.

The wind

A strong wind will also make adjustments to the speed and direction of the ball. Just like rain, high winds affect the snapper's throwing accuracy. Strong winds usually hinder teams whose strategy is based on fast lunges and long passes. At the same time, the favorable wind is a good helper for the defending team. Consider betting on a total under of the final score.

Extremely high/low temperatures

The heat deprives the players of their strength, makes them get tired faster. It's an important factor for the NFL as the equipment of footballers is an order of magnitude heavier than in soccer. However, the high temperatures will be an advantage for teams from hot regions, for example, the Miami Dolphins. The cold hinders movement makes injuries more tangible and painful, which cannot but affect the player's condition. And, as we all know, not a single match is complete without micro-injuries and power tackles. And here teams from cold regions get benefit from low temperatures while playing home.

In a word, any weather deviation takes away from football players a certain percentage of their skills, both physical and technical. Weak precipitation (rain, sleet) increases the dynamics and entertainment of the match, the slippery surface contributes to the unpredictability of the results. Powerful downpour reduces pace and visibility, makes it harder to move in wet equipment. The skill of the game gives way to caution, and the chances of opponents to win are equalized. Betting on NFL with taking into account all these factors will increase the probability of winning significantly.

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