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England. Championship — Tips and bets

The English Football League Championship (or Sky Bet Championship) is the second strongest division of the country, which was founded in 2004 instead of the first division of the Football League. This is the strongest second-tier league in the world. 

The championship is full of famous clubs. Most notable teams are Leeds, Middlesbrough, Derby County, Stoke city, Middlesbrough, Blackburn, Norwich City, West Bromwich and Aston Villa.

The league is gaining popularity every year. Bookmakers also respond to customer demand and provide bets on goals or transfers of players, or on the statistics of matches.

Who will win The English Football League Championship?

In this season it is very difficult to give preference to any one of the teams. But it is necessary to identify the main contenders for the title. Before the start of the campaign, these were considered to be Stoke City and West Bromwich. In addition, Middlesbrough, which received point gains. 

Promotion and Relegation

  • 1st-2nd - direct promotion in the Premier League;
  • 3rd-6th - playoffs;
  • 7-21 - stay in the League;
  • 22-24 - relegation.
  • Tips
    HiBeTs 66.8% WR-11.1% ROI
    Stevoxine 51.8% WR-8.74% ROI
    💥The best 💥 52% WR-4.18% ROI
    Nemo 55.3% WR-6.95% ROI
    David Prutton 36.4% WR-1.11% ROI
    David Prutton 36.4% WR-1.11% ROI
    David Prutton 36.4% WR-1.11% ROI
    David Prutton 36.4% WR-1.11% ROI