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Russia. FNL — Tips and bets

Do you follow the main football League of the planet? Of course, we are talking about the National Football League of Russia. It is time to fix all high-quality forecasts together.

Who will win FNL?

Before the start of the season, football experts and bookies named Rotor, Tambov, SKA, Tom and Baltica as the favourites of the league. Starting rounds slightly adjusted the picture: Tom and Tambov are in the leading zone, Rotor and Baltica are at in the relegation zone. In the FNL 38 rounds and the last of them will play on May 25.

FNL rules: Promotion and Relegation

1st-2nd places - direct promotion;
3rd-4th playoff against 13th and 14th Russian Premier League teams;
16-20 place - relegation.

In this tournament, the competition for the first places is higher than in the Premier League, so it is difficult to choose the key matches. This year, be sure to follow the current leaders and the cities where the World Cup games were held:

Russian FNL Calendar:

  • Tambov vs Tom (19 September 2018);
  • Mordovia vs Avangard (19 September 2018);
  • Sochi vs Tambov (23 September 2018);
  • Tambov vs Avangard (30 September 2018);
  • Avangard vs Tom (20 October 2018);
  • Sochi vs Avangard (October 24, 2018);
  • Nizhny Novgorod vs SKA (28 October 2018);
  • Mordovia vs SKA (14 November 2018);
  • Nizhny Novgorod vs Tambov (18 November 2018);
  • Nizhny Novgorod vs Tom (November 24, 2018).
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