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Netherlands. Eredivisie — Tips and bets

Eredivisie is the top division of football in Holland, which was founded in 1956. The most titled and popular clubs in the League are Ajax, PSV and Feyenoord, their face - to-face meetings that are most interesting to watch.

Who will win Eredivisie?

The main favorites in the season 2018/2019 are all the same: Ajax and PSV, which regularly share the trophy, rarely letting anyone else to gold. Both teams are strong by the Dutch standards, but the Amsterdam team looks more preferable in the new campaign because of talented youngsters. Ajax looks like a favorite and may regain the title, which in the last campaign went to the team from Eindhoven.

Eredivisie rules:

  • 1st-2nd - UEFA Champions League;
  • 3rd - UEFA Europa League;
  • 4th-7th - playoffs for a place in the UEFA Europa League;
  • 8th-15th - stay in the League;
  • 16th-17th - relegation playoffs;
  • 18th - relegation.
Mr_Green46.7% WR-1.73% ROI
Avon Toredo40.7% WR-8.93% ROI
ULHAS ⚽ Tipster31.8% WR12.78% ROI
Israel Hammond61.2% WR-1.84% ROI
Maxim Skopinov52.4% WR-2.76% ROI
John Fixed50% WR-0.49% ROI
Maxim Skopinov52.4% WR-2.76% ROI
Israel Hammond61.2% WR-1.84% ROI
moein h78.6% WR1.96% ROI