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Portugal. Primeira Liga — Tips and bets

Rhe Portuguese Premier League is not the first choice for betting enthusiasts. In Europe, there are more popular championships, but the Portuguese Primera deserves attention. The new season started here in August and will end in May 2019.

Who will win Portuguese Primera?

Portuguese football is extremly interesting in the fight for the title. In Portugal, there are three top clubs: Benfica, Porto and Sporting. 18 teams play in local Primera.

Portuguese Primera Rules

  • 1st place – Champions League;
  • 2nd place – Champions League qualifying round;
  • 3rd and 4th places – Europa League qualification;
  • 17th and 18th places – relegation

The maximum interest among local and foreign football fans is caused by internal duels of three local top clubs. This season they will play on such dates:

Portuguese Primera Fixtures

  • Benfica vs Porto (October 7, 2018);
  • Sporting vs Porto (January 17, 2019);
  • Sporting vs Benfica (February 3, 2019);
  • Porto vs Benfica (March 3, 2019);
  • Porto vs Sporting (May 19, 2019).

Porto vs Sporting will play on the last round of the championship, all matches of the 34 round will be played on May 19.

louisv72.2% WR5.11% ROI
nickfury52.2% WR1.01% ROI
Luca Bottom42.9% WR-3.25% ROI
nickfury52.2% WR1.01% ROI
susan37% WR-5.42% ROI
hasky42.9% WR-0.64% ROI
redhead54.8% WR-0.43% ROI
NotMessi65.8% WR4.21% ROI
ashley58.7% WR2.68% ROI