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Spain. Copa del Rey — Tips and bets

Today, forecasts and bets on the Spanish Cup are not as popular as the national championship. But in the Spanish Cup you can find a lot of interesting matches.

Who will win the Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey)?

Traditionally, the favorites of Copa del Rey are Spanish top clubs and second–tier teams: Barcelona, Atletico, Real, Sevilla, Valencia, Villarreal, Athletic Bilbao. In recent years, the Spanish Cup is often won by small teams. At least at the decisive stages of the tournament, you can watch football of very high quality.

Barcelona has 29 victories in Spanish cup. Real Madrid and Athletic Bilbao are among top-3 by victories.

In August, the first qualifying round of the Cup has started. All matches of the second and third qualifying rounds will be played until the end of September. The exact dates of the next rounds have not yet been determined, while only the approximate slots are known:

Spanish Cup (Copa del Rey) Fixtures

  • 1/16 finals-October-November;
  • 1/8 finals-beginning of January;
  • 1/4 final – the end of January;
  • 1/2 finals - February;
  • Final - April.

All clubs of the strongest Spanish division will start the fight for the trophy from the stage 1/16 of the final. The Cup final will be held on a neutral field on Vicente Calderon stadium.

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