Ural vs Dinamo Moskva tips

Ural — Dinamo Moskva
  •  Russia. Premier League
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Dinamo Moskva
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Ural and Dinamo Moskva are set to square off in the Russia. Premier League match. The game will be played on 10 August 2018.

To understand the teams' chances in the upcoming match, we need to first understand their condition coming into it. Ural have been trying to find themselves over the last month. The squad's abilities have been allowing the team to show fast-paced aggressive football and solid organization. Yet in action Ural looked extremely inconsistent and dropped plenty of points as a result.

Their search continues and no one knows when it ends but they need to win. The upcoming match is too important so it's not the time for experiments, they just need to push the ball over the goal line at any cost.

Dinamo Moskva's agenda coming into this match have a much more positive agenda.Their playing style has been determined for a long time and their play is automatic at this point. In recent months they've kept their balance as Dinamo Moskva continue to collect points with regularity while showing some quality football in the process.

Who will win: Ural or Dinamo Moskva?

Considering predictions regarding the winner of the Ural - Dinamo Moskva match, you're torn between intuition and sound logical analysis.

On one hand, Dinamo Moskva's better current form and better balance to their play make you think that this team is a favourite and will come out on top.

Yet, there's a gut feeling that the energy gathered by Ural over the last month, falling down and getting up will help them crush everything that stands in their way now.

They've developed their character a lot while Ural's quality is beyond doubt. However, the manager just doesn't seem to be able to find right places for these players.

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