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What Future Holds for 2020 NFL Season Amid Covid Outbreaks: Odds, Predictions

The lines are now open to bet on the 2020 campaign to be paused or even suspended.

What’s happening?

  • The 2020 NFL campaign witnessed a promising start, with the first 3 gameweeks going as smoothly as possible with no interruptions or suspensions.
  • At the end of Week 3, however, the news broke that the Tennessee Titans had suffered a coronavirus outbreak. The league was forced to reschedule the Titans’ next fixture for later – and the Week 4 schedule was impacted heavily.
  • As things stand, 20 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed at Tennessee. On October 7, it was reported that the Titans had broken the NFL safety protocols by holding an informal workout right during the outbreak.
  • In the past few days, other coronavirus cases have been reported: Cam Newton and Stephen Gilmore (New England Patriots) and the Kansas City Chiefs’ practice squad.

  • The worrying trend is that the number of confirmed cases will be growing and the schedule will undergo some drastic changes. That being said, bookies are starting to think of all the possible season scenarios – and some of them are worth a look indeed.

Bets for 2020 NFL season outcome

Total NFL games postponed or canceled due to COVID in 2020

Over 10.5 games: -175 (per BetOnline)

Under 10.5 games: +135

  • 2 fixtures got postponed last week.
  • There are 11 more weeks to go after Week 5.
  • Now that the second wave seems to be inevitable, it’s worth betting on ‘Over 10.5 games’ before the odds start to decline.

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Total NFL players to test positive for coronavirus in 2020

Over 55.5 Total Players: -140

Under 55.5 Total Players: +100

  • 20+ cases were confirmed over the past week.
  • It’s not a secret that the coronavirus spreads rapidly and the total of 56 cases may be reached quite soon.
  • The odds may be changing quickly too, so it’s worth thinking of betting on ‘Over 55.5 Total Players’ before it’s too late.

Playoffs to be played in bubble

No: -120

Yes: -120

  • The NHL and NBA have successfully tested playing the season’s remainder on a neutral ground.
  • In case the need arises, there’s a chance that the NFL will go for it too.

Will all NFL teams play 16 games in 2020/21 regular season?

Yes: -250 (per Bovada)

No: +170

  • The MLB cut the previous season just to complete it.
  • The NFL is expected to be more interested in preserving the usual format, yet everything is on the table here.
  • Both options are possible, although the ‘Yes’ one is favored by bookies.

Will the NFL season be suspended before the 2021 Super Bowl?

Yes +230

No -370

  • The NFL is serious in its intentions to complete the season in any possible format.
  • However, the second wave could hit the plans so hard that the suspension would be a necessary measure.

Will the Super Bowl be played on February 7th 2021?

Yes -350

No +215

  • Given that the Super Bowl requires just 2 teams involved, it’s very likely that it will be held on the scheduled date.
  • However, if the preceded schedule is changed, it will possibly force the league to postpone the final to a later date.

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