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Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for coronavirus. Portugal play with Sweden tomorrow

Cristiano Ronaldo has tested positive for coronavirus. All players of the Portugal national football team were in contact with him. He was with the team yesterday. 

The match against Sweden will occur tomorrow. Many bookmakers still take wagers on this match.

  • Portugal -139
  • Sweden +400

Like any other player who tests positive for coronavirus, Ronaldo should go into a 14-day quarantine. It means that the striker will definitely not play for Juventus in the next three matches.

  1. (+580) Crotone vs Juventus (-227)
  2. (+400) Dynamo Kyiv vs Juventus (-141)
  3. (-200) Juventus vs Verona (+530)

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The UEFA Champions League match against Barcelona will occur on 28 October. If Ronaldo has no complications from the illness, his quarantine period will end on October 27, so Cristiano still has a chance to play against Messi's team.

Betting Insider will keep an eye on how the odds change on those matches in which Ronaldo won't play.

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