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TOP 5 NFL Betting Podcasts To Improve Your Wagering

If you wanna be an expert in sports betting, you should definitely listen to the most popular podcasts about the NFL. It will help both beginners and professional tipsters to win more wagers.

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Here is the list of top 5 podcasts about NFL betting

  • Bang The Book
  • Even Money
  • Bet The Board
  • Gridiron Gamble
  • Bet The Process

Now let's talk more about each of them.

Bang The Book

Many betting podcasts just want to impress their listeners with the stories about unbelievable winnings but Bang The Book is not that type of show. The aim of these guys is to tell you some life hacks about NFL betting. Adam Burke, who’s the host, and the experts will explain to you how to analyze matches and give you their picks. New tipsters will like this podcast as well as professionals.

Even Money

What makes the perfect podcast? The host is one of the most important aspects. And here we have the best combination. Steve Fezzik is a betting analytic who will tell you everything about statistics. Ross Tucker was a linebacker previously, so apart from knowing the game from inside, he also gets insider information about injuries or line-ups. No other podcast will offer you such a unique view on every game.

Bet The Board

You probably know who Todd Fuhrman is if you watch Fox Sports 1. He’s a financial analyst who has become an oddsmaker. He knows a lot and tries to explain complicated things simply to their listeners.

The creator of is another host of the Bet The Board. He’s one of the most famous and influential bettors in the world. He pays particular attention to money management as he views sports betting as a stock market.

Gridiron Gamble

This podcast is focused on football betting. You can listen to its new episodes once a week during the season on website. Brett Collson, Mo Nuwwarah, Donnie Peters, Rich Ryan are the hosts. They discuss the previous week's games and then analyze the upcoming matches.

The main topic of Gridiron Gamble is the Las Vegas SuperContest as the winner will get a superprize - $1 million.

Bet The Process

Jeff Ma was a part of the acclaimed MIT blackjack group. In 2017 he started this podcast, but he's also an expert on SportsCenter and a regular guest on other NFL betting podcasts.

Rufus Peabody worked in the biggest and most compelling oddsmaking organization called Las Vegas Sports Consultants. Now he is a co-incorporator of Massy-Peabody Analytics, a wagering company that analyzes NFL games.

Reasons to listen to NFL Betting podcasts

First of all, these podcasts offer you useful information to choose the best NFL picks and win money.

NFL games are more predictable than other matches as teams play not so often, mostly once a week. To compare, MLB teams have games six times a week.

What is more, the NFL is the most popular league for American tipsters as almost half of them make wagers on its games.  Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest betting day every year in the USA.

Enjoy your NFL betting experience!

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